24 September 2011


you know I love a baragin so let me introduce you to the birch box you pay $10 monthly and you receive a box filled with large samples. I'm not talking generic brands either NARS, PHILOPSHY PRODUCTS, ESSIE NAIL POLISH. sounds sweet huh I think this both is essential for any blogger or youtube person who loves being in on the up and new products and you can do a review without actually buying the full product. visit http://www.birchbox.com/ and sign up!

I am always ready and willing to hear what ppl have to say about saving money and or tips. so let's hear it!


also I took a visit over to shoe dazzle who threw a series of questions about your style give you a showroom of designs they think best suits you all the shoes are under $40 dollars and I would say they got me pretty down pat. miss kim k is the spokeswoman for this company and does a pretty good job and promoting the company. have you tried shoedazzle?



  1. I love shoe dazzle. I have had it about a year now.....great shoes!!

  2. i love the birchbox... you get some really good stuff with them to try


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