30 January 2012


Well It's a New Year and with that comes New Birthday's, Anniversaries, Agenda's etc......Welp January Is always a busy a month for me. My Mother Got one more year closer to the big 5-0 and my little brother is one more year away from the big 1-8. So I had to make both of them feel special all within a two day period seeing as in how their birthdays are two days apart. My brother turned 17 and went to watch his first rated R movie he chose underworld. It was just me and him and our popcorn he told me at the end of the movie " I like rated R movies they show everything" lol. I mean Underworld was pretty gruesome and graphic I can truly understand why they got a R rating. I liked the Movie  but hate the trend that I'm seeing with everyone making everything a sequel. I mean how many more do they want what happened when movies were just that Movies no part 20. I mean can you see a part two of Color Purple? but that's neither here or there.

Photobucket I opted for this simple romper paired with a pair or Color blocked brown toned Pierre Dumas heels and was ready to go! Photobucket
 Outfit: Romper Kmart $6.49 Shoes: Pierre Dumas $45 Earrings: $10 Miami Village Part Two Before I got sick as ever! I decided to take my Mom out to benihana even though my brother had his special day I still decided to let him tag along. I am planning an all girls day with just the two of us no boys allowed maybe my buddy lucy may want to come that should be fun! Photobucket I kept it comfy and cover simply because I could feel myself getting sick and honestly didn't want to further make it worse but boy did it get worse just a few hours later. Photobucket I love these jessica simplson colored blocked heel and the price was oh so amazing if you aren't a follower on fb you should be. If I find any great finds fb and twitter are quicker to know just letting you gals know.

 She is Forever Playing this was the best shot I could get of her lol

 yes I made him wear it I thought he Looked sooooo cute.

The Outfit:
shirt: Edgelook $24
undershirt: Thrifted $0.50
Pants: Forever 21 (2years ago) $20
Shoes: Jessica Simpson via Marshall's $29


I was given the wonderful oppurtunity to review any garnment of my liking by eshakti and this is the dress I choose. I will be posting pics and my review of the dress in a bit here's a sneak peek!


25 January 2012


I was introduced to Darrell* threw the site it was the first time my inbox was filled with a question not concerning fashion, make up or tips. It was boldly subjected on the down low and need help. I am no therapist have never attended college for anything of the sort. I did however find  myself intrigued by the fact the sender was a male and a follower of the blog. I opened the email to find pictures of a handsome black male in his early 30's clean cut and with a lovely wife and two twin boys. It was the subtitle that shocked me in all capital letters below it stated "I'M LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM AND LYING ABOUT IT".  I emailed Darrell to further understand exactly what was the meaning behind his statement. He quickly responded and agreed to skype me for an official interview.

The Dictionary defines down low as:

Main Entry:   down low
Part of Speech:   n
Definition:   (used with the secrecy, low profile; a life orworld of secrecy; abbr. DL; also written down-low
Example:   Keep this on the down-low.
Etymology:   1992

There he was sitting in front of his computer screen sipping on a large cup of Starbucks. He explained he only had about a half an hour for the interview before he had to pick his wife up for lunch. They met every Monday for either lunch or breakfast since moving in and marrying almost ten years ago. It was their way of starting the work week right and hopefully ending it better. I had written down a list of things I wanted him to answer. I mean after all seldom are down low men this open about their sexuality. He agreed to answer any and all question with the understanding his identity will no be revealed. I quickly agreed after all my mind was going a million miles a minute. I sat there for a few minutes just looking at him and listening to him speak.  He was approximately 6 ft broad shoulder almond shaped brown eyes with a full beard. He stood to show me his physique I could tell he worked out religiously. His voice was deep calm and steady I waited to hear a bit of femininity peek threw but there was none. I hear people say they have gaydar and how they can spot a dl man. Mr. Darrell was like any man on the street you would see in passing and  nothing of him screamed Gay. He had made it threw 4 yrs of college at FAMU went threw an entire line in college and even his "brothers" didn't know his little secret. 

So What Made you contact me?
Darrell: Because I know that you are going to tell it like it is with no sugar coat (he shrugs and looks away) I guess because I'm tired of living a lie and just needed someone to talk to. 

What Do you consider your sexual orientation?
Darrell: I'm bisexual don't for one second think I don't get aroused by my wife because I do It's just that I happen to like men as well. 

So what made you bi sexual?
Darrell: I know what you want to hear it's what everyone wants to hear.

Excuse Me I don't want to hear anything but the truth 
Darrell: Well the Truth is I will not sit her and say my uncle,father or cousins molested me or came into my room as a child. The fact of the matter is no one ever touched me ever I am this way all on my own. no excuses just truth and this right here right now is my truth. 

So what you're saying is you have like men or boys since you were little?

Darrell: No I was too young to even think about sex or what it meant

Darrell went on to say he had his first male encounter of all places the gym. He described it as "secretive and powerful". The first time he encountered a man was in the shower at a local 24 hour fitness. He had just finished his hour and half set. He worked out religiously it was his time of peace. It wasn't until he felt a hand on his back in the shower. At first touch He was stunned  when Shawn* the guy whom he had worked out with over the past few months stroked his manhood. It was even more of shocking when he didn't stop him and a kiss opened Pandora's box. It wasn't his first or only sexual intercourse with a man along the years Darrell has admitted to having more then 19 sexual partners excluding his wife who he still has sex with without protection. I questioned him on the Aids epidemic and why he wouldn't just leave his wife and live life as a gay man. It was in that Moment the interview changed and Darrell was very direct with his answer:

" first of all Linda I'm not gay I'm just a man who enjoys everything. I have sex with my wife because I still love and I'm still attracted to her. I don't see the problem in it I'm not hurting her I protect myself every time I step out. How you figure it's only Men you think there aren't down low women. People are selfish they want their cake and ice cream and some more damn cake and I just happened to be one of those people.

I concluded that Darrell should seek some major counseling as to why he doesn't understand what he's doing is wrong. Even if you love a person you tell the TRUTH and give them that right to stay or go at no point is it okay to lie,deceive or manipulate a person. Darrell is just another story out of a Million and one. It was the part about down low women that stuck with me as to where I can relate. I have come across several in my time and they are down right secretive about their love of women. Now that is another story in it self. what your opinion ladies?


21 January 2012


Now you gals know I was in love with Mrs. Kim K Christmas card outfit I told you gals I was looking forward to making the look my own. I loved the whole bow tie look and honestly you gals know I'm always ready and willing to do something new. I think fashion should be an evolution no matter the size, shape, or the number on your tag. The hardest thing to find when trying to piece this outfit together was the shirt believe it or not. I shopped around Lane Bryant, Avenue, Ross and couldn't find a simple one to save my life! Finally I decided to Thrift and POW! A simple white shirt for 2 bucks! The Thrift Store never seems to let me down when I need it the most.

This My face shot! 

Lip: MAC "Boy Bait"
Cheeks: Loreal Mineral Powder "Plush Pink"
Eye: Coastal Scents 
Hair: Zury Ultra Twin 


Bow Tie Zara Mens section $14.90
Shirt: Thrifted $2.50
Skirt: Lane Bryant *store closing final sale* $18.00
Heels: Steve Madden $110.00

I wore this outfit to a Friends Graduation Party And I must admit I really felt as If I stood out in a good way of course. I received alot of compliments about my outfit and honestly I still felt sexy in my bow tie and all. I think I pulled the look off successfully. I hope you gals enjoy!








I know I have been missing for sometime now I hope you gals are still around. Everyone should be a follower of the fb page because even If I don't post on here I do more often on fb and tumblr. I have been eating properly and consuming lots and lots of water. I am so happy that I was able to shed 15lbs in a months time. A lot of my followers want to know what I'm doing. Honestly I haven't take any additives to assist me I have just been eating right and staying away from soda. I feel great sleep is still a problem seeing as in how my shift doesn't allow me to have a normal 9 to 5 job. I usually a lot of times have my last meal between 7pm and 8pm I have started attending Weight Watchers just for the information and discipline. I think I'm going to have to switch centers because everyone there is old and Jewish and seldom can they relate to my food situation. If I had any tips as far as what I've been doing so far. 

for me this was the hardest because I don't really like breakfast i.e. pancakes, sausage but I love eggs,fruit, orange juice so a typical breakfast looks like this.

I tried turkey bacon for the first time and honestly is wasn't that bad going to try lasagna tonight with turkey *crossing my fingers*

Now I don't keep up with how many ounces are in cup and this and that so when going to work I know that two bottles of smart water or Fiji water (the largest one) will be my completed 8 cups of water a day. If you're like me and don't like the taste of water I strongly suggest a lemon wedge in your water. 

3. Fiber Time!

 Even Tho you may be eating right you may not be getting the proper amount of fiber on a daily basis and for this pill really helps me stay active in the bathroom area. Its not a laxative at all but fiber anyone who knows about fiber should know it makes you go to the restroom. since i don't like activia this is the next best thing.

these are just a few things that I'm doing or taking that is new to me any more tips you gals know I'm already willing to hear anything you throw out. I haven't really gone hard in the gym as of yet I go I walk/speed walk for a about a hour and that it no more no less. In time I will be running at lighting speed but I am understanding enough to know Rome wasn't built overnight and neither will this great healthy life of mines either. 

10 January 2012


Now anyone who knows queen latifah know that when she's not at event's she dresses like a man. I mean there is no shame in it really i like the fact that she is so versatile. I still remember her on set it off is it me or was that role too believable? Media mogul Queen Latifah attended the World Premiere of her gospel movie ‘Joyful Noise’ at Grauman’s Chinese theater in Hollywood, CA yesterday.

she has the smallest legs  I am truly envious of them being that I am so bottom heavy lord knows these hips of mines aren't going anywhere anytime soon. This pose is infamous for woman who want to slim there frame you slightly place one foot in front of the other. Ms.Latifah stance was a bit off or too wide if you ask me. I guess that what wearing sneakers all days gets you lol. 

I am always a friend of that color shade in her hair lord knows I have been trying to get that color scheme down pact. 

06 January 2012


I was in a deep sleep when my phone rang I must say my first thought was to send it to the voicemail. Today I can honestly say I'm glad I answered it was Mrs. Nickey Rae of NRFC. I must say I have not know Nickey for very long however her drive her will and motives are fierce,serious and powerful. I first saw her as a member of a Miami based group "chunky chicks". I was both intrigued and inspired by the all girl group of chunky women. It wasn't until a few years later I ran across her fb page and Nickey was no longer chunky. She made the conscious decision after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl to shed the pounds and start a healthier life for herself and her child.

During our almost hour conversation Nickey explained that although  she has a fitness center. She really wanted to reach out to us curvy gals and host a nightly of pole dance and chair exercise for us curvy girls. The trick was I yes me would have to go threw training in pole dancing and chair exercise to professionally and knowingly co instruct the class. I was honored that Nickey even thought of me for the position. So to my local ladies get ready get ready get ready! on Feb 9, 2012 at NRFC 15972 nw 27th ave (in the plaza on the end) there will be Thick Gals Pole Thursday!  The class is $20 and you will learn both pole dancing and chair exercise as well.  The first 6 to 10 ladies to confirm will be the first to be signed up. The space is limited and exclusive for serious inquiries feel free to inbox me or Nickey Rae on fb! 

I love her body both ways honestly I am just honored and feel as if I can learn a lot from her in my own weight loss/healthy eating journey.

I hope to see some of my lovely followers in their sexy heels and ready to learn some of these moves. I know I am ready and the next three weeks of my training will be no joke. I hope and pray that I don't hurt myself too much.  I guess it's all in good fun and better health if you ask me it will be worth every bit of pain I receive. 

A lot videos are on YouTube if you want to see what the classes are all about. I think it's a great idea to have a night exclusively dedicated to us curvy gals.  I can't speak for you but what i can say is alot of times when in the gym and classes i sometimes look around to much to see what's what so this should be something different if you ask me.


02 January 2012


Although I have a million perfumes on my dresser but it's something about a new perfume that just makes me feel sexy. I took a little peek in nordstroms perfume section and  I just feel in love with a few smells. I promised my self to only pick one or two from the bunch. I received Michael Kors Gold for christmas and It is a lovely scent and I received so many compliments. If any of you gals have any of the following scents feel free to give me a review I would love to read your comments. Everyone has their go to perfume and mines at the moment is Dolce And Gabbana  The One.

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